Dear devotees

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We are very pleased to announce that we are at a position to begin opening up of services to all congregational pujaris.

In order to facilitate this, we will all have to follow Covid guidelines, and one of the requirements is that temple residents and congregation devotees will have to share common spaces at different times to accomodate restrictions.

Temple residents will not be able to serve as backups, so if you do require a backup then please arrange with someone who has been doing that service.

We will need to ensure that there are either only temple devotees or only congregational devotees performing the following combinations of services. 

 *In order to ensure freedom of movement for the temple devotees we ask that you please  perform your service within the following time frames, and restrict your movement to only the areas designated for your service. 

For morning services: 5:15 to 7:00

• Sanitise your hands with either hand sanitiser or soap and water

SSNM dressing

SP dressing

Evening services: 18:45 to 20:30

Gaura arati and resting

Breakfast cooking: 5:15 to 7:45

SSNM cooking

Devotee cooking

Lunch cooking: 12:00 to 17:30

SSNM cooking/offering

Devotee cooking/offering

*Temple devotees will perform deity greetings, Guru puja and breakfast offering.* 

*Steps to be followed* 

 Arriving at the temple 

• Ensure you have a clean mask on 

 Preparing for your service 

• Wash the acamana cup with soap and water

• Prepare fresh acamana 

• Wash or sanitize utensils and work surfaces that you will use

 Whilst performing your service 

• Do not touch your face

• Maintain social distancing rules

• Keep your mask on throughout your service

• Do not blow the conch, rather tap it 3 times

• Do not distribute any maha flowers, water, etc

 Finishing up 

• Sanitise all surfaces, handles, doors etc that you may have touched

• All offered flowers/garlands are immediately placed into the maha flower bin.

• Wash your hands

 Leaving the temple 

• Leave the temple as soon as you are finished

Please let me know when you would be resuming your services.

Looking forward to serving with you again.

Your servant

Radha Sharana das

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